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There are many factors that can make your home environment limiting or unsafe. The once familiar & secure environment of the home can become an overwhelming place for someone following an injury or illness. The role of assessing the home environment from the person’s perspective is one which is critical to maintain a person’s daily routines and self esteem. Our Occupational Therapists are trained and experienced in completing home assessments and rehabilitation.

, Your Home should be:
Walkways Clear
Well Lit
& Accessible



In the last 12 months, have you:
ü  Fallen? Or nearly fallen?
ü  Experienced difficulty getting into & out of chairs/ bed/ shower?
ü  Experienced difficulty getting around your home?
ü  Had difficulty getting up/ down stairs?
ü  Found it harder to recall or remember items or events?
ü  Found it difficult to complete all the household tasks each day?
ü  Undergone surgery? Been an inpatient at a Hospital?
ü  Experienced limiting pain for a significant period of time?
ü  Experienced a decrease in the distance you can walk?
ü  Experienced changes in your balance or vision?
If you have answered YES to any of these – it is recommended you contact Home Occupational Therapy Services and arrange one of our experienced therapists to conduct a home safety assessment today and provide you with your FREE falls prevention package!

Contact Home Occupational Therapy Services direct and you may be entitled to services at no cost under Veterans Affairs (DVA) or the Insurance Commission (ICWA). You may also be entitled to subsidised fees under Medicare (EPC) or Private Health Rebates (depending on ancilary cover).

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